LeBron James had a very entertaining Saturday, watching college basketball and sharing his reactions with the rest of the world. Just like the rest of us, the King enjoyed the thriller between UCLA and Gonzaga in the Final Four of the 2021 NCAAB tournament.

He was just happy to see that huge game and all these players giving their everything to make it to the championship game, reacting like every other basketball fan in the world reacted to that incredible ending.

Moreover, James had a little fun at the expense of the Bruins and one of their best players Johnny Juzang because of his curl hair. Twitter personality Josiah Johnson got to work to explain that Juzang wasn’t the first player to boast that look and he studied the history of the team to find that a lot of players actually pulled off the look and Juzang was only carrying that legacy.

Bron, as plenty of NBA fans, reacted to the thread and couldn’t help but laugh. He felt sorry for the Bruins but admitted the thread was hilarious and truth be told, it certainly is.

While James keeps working to get back to the court after suffering a high ankle sprain, he’s trying to kill time in whichever way he can. He’s been playing some video games, working out with his daughter, and watching college basketball. The Lakers are hoping to get him back as soon as possible and the King can’t wait to make his return.

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