DeMarcus Cousins was widely considered one of the best centers in the league during his time with the Sacramento Kings. During his peak in the 2016-17 season, DeMarcus Cousins averaged 27.0 PPG, 11.0 RPG, and 4.6 APG, putting him in contention for being the best center in the league. Cousins could do everything on the court: he moved well for his size, he could hit from beyond the arc, and he had an array of solid post moves. However, he had suffered a string of leg injuries over the last few years, which has led to a decline in his abilities.

Recently, the Instagram page Theswishfactor posted an image that showed a comparison between DeMarcus Cousins’ situation in 2017, ad compared to his situation now. Despite being one of the best centers in the league during his prime, DeMarcus Cousins is now stuck trying to prove that he can still play, and has recently signed a 10-day with the Los Angeles Clippers.


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It is definitely unfortunate to see DeMarcus Cousins move from team to team while trying to recover from his injuries. At his peak, he was truly a premier center that every team would want on their roster. Hopefully, he still has something left in the tank. DeMarcus Cousins is a player who can still contribute to a roster. All he needs is a chance to show what he can do. With the 10-day contract from the Los Angeles Clippers, Cousins gets another shot to show that he can still play. Everyone wants to see DeMarcus Cousins back in the league. Perhaps this opportunity with the Clippers will allow him to show that he is a capable player despite the injuries.

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