The NBA, unlike other major sports leagues in the United States, has several contract clauses that actually benefit players.

One of the biggest benefits an NBA player has is the fact that most of the contracts are guaranteed. That means that, after a certain date in the season, they’ll get paid the entirety of their salary even if they’re cut by the team.

However, it seems like former NFL wide-receiver Brandon Marshall didn’t get that memo, as he recently had a hilarious rant on ‘I Am An Athlete’ trying to stand up for NBA players with non-guaranteed deals, and claiming that just 4 players per team had a good contract:

“Not everybody that’s on an NBA roster has a guaranteed contract… There’s four guys on an NBA team that got guaranteed contracts and everybody else can be cut today and don’t got nothing,” Marshall – wrongfully – said.

That’s the deal in the NFL, a league that’s pretty harsh to their current and former athletes. The NBA, for the most part, is actually pretty good with its players.

That’s why Jared Dudley, Lou Williams, and even Eric Pinus of Bleacher Report had to state the facts and call Marshall out:

This was hilarious but hey, Brandon’s heart was in the right place. Next time, he needs to do a little more research, though.

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