LeBron James and Kevin Durant are both superstar players who are amazing at the game of basketball. Both are proven winners who have each won multiple championships. The two have a lot of differences in terms of playstyle, but they are similar in one sense: they have both created superteams in their careers.

Kevin Durant has recently teamed up with Kyrie Irving and James Harden on the Brooklyn Nets. That is reminiscent of something LeBron James did in his past, which is teaming up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat. Recently, Jamal Crawford has suggested that Kevin Durant’s move to Brooklyn isn’t as hated as LeBron James’ move to Miami, although he did note that the hate could come if the Brooklyn Nets end up winning a title.

Jamal Crawford: That brought a lot of hate and a lot of love for going back home, but I think the Miami thing is when the hate really started if you go back and think about it… That is when the hate started because you had Wade, who was a top 10 player at the time, you had Bosh, who was a top 10 player, and now you have the best player at the time.

Shannon Sharpe: But I don’t see the same level of vitriol for KD teaming up with James Harden and Kyrie.

Jamal Crawford: Yeah, but they haven’t won it yet either because if they win it, the hate might come potentially. I think because, at the time when LeBron did it, he was the first of his kind to do it that way. Because when Boston did it, they were in their mid-30s. They did it on their primes… KD got some of that hate when he went to Golden State.

Shannon Sharpe: Well I think KD got it because he went to a team he had down 3-1.

Jamal Crawford: He had the 3-1… but it’s all the same, even if they had them 2-2 and ending up losing… I don’t care about it because now it’s not good since we are judging players by championships.

The desire for a championship often drives players to win at any cost, even at the cost of forming a superteam. The pressure to win a championship for a great player is high in the modern era, which causes players to team up in order to win. Kevin Durant didn’t win a championship before he joined the Warriors’ superteams. However, a championship isn’t the sole way we can evaluate greatness. LeBron James and Kevin Durant are both great players, a championship or not. While the number of championships may end up putting one over the other in some people’s all-time rankings, there is no doubt that they are both generational talents who have achieved a lot in the NBA.

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