Boban Marjanovic and Tobias Harris have created one of the best friendships in the entire NBA and even though they don’t play together anymore, these two have shared a bond that transcends being part of the same team.

They have played together in three teams and although now Boban is trying to make the Dallas Mavericks a competitive side with Luka Doncic and Harris is one of the best players on the Philadelphia 76ers, their relationship remains untouched.

The dynamic duo recently reunited for a commercial for Goldfish crackers, which challenged fans to beat Marjanovic’s mark of holding as many crackers as they can in one hand. Boban holds the record with 301, so this won’t be easy.

Talking about their friendship, the Serbian player curiously compared Harris to his wife and the type of relationship they have, saying that they’re different but at the same time, are the same.

Via Basketball News:

“We’re different, but we’re the same, you know? If you ask me why [we get along so well], this is the same [in regards to] the relationship with my wife,” Boban said. “We don’t watch the same movies, we don’t listen to the same music, but we have something in common where, together, we make one great person. This is the same with Tobias. I don’t know why I listened to different music and he listened to different music, but at the end of the story, we started listening to the same music, he’d send me some TV shows, I would send him some TV shows. It was cool. I miss it!”

“Why do we get along? I would just say it’s like two people with caring hearts for other people. It’s also like a culture dynamic, too, where he’s somebody that’s from a totally different country or upbringing and all the way down the line than myself,” Tobias said. “And like, when I see Bobi and I think why everyone gets along with Bobi is he’s just a free-spirit person that loves to be around positive people, good people that embrace life, people that have a lot of personalities that are in line. Boban’s such a caring person — cares about his family, cares about really anybody that he meets; he wants to make sure that they left better than they were when they met him. I think, for me, I’m kinda the same way. When I first started hanging out [with him], I was like, ‘Man this dude never has a bad day.’ He’s somebody that brings joy to your own day because you realize his positive energy is just a real thing. When we were hanging out, it made me appreciate my life and the things that I get to do just by seeing his type of energy.”

This definitely won’t be the last time we hear about these two friends, who created a deep bond several years ago. Their friendship is very genuine and they care about each other so much. You can just feel it.

Sadly, they had to continue their careers in separate ways but Harris always made it clear that he was happy for his friends and the new challenges he is facing in his career. They are trying to lead their respective teams to the postseason and who knows, maybe the Finals, although Tobi appears to be the one with the higher chances to make it to the biggest series of all.

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