Michael Jordan’s net worth has taken a hit after a couple of rough months for the Chicago Bulls legend. Forbes released its 2021 list of billionaires and the 6-time NBA champion came in at No. 1,931, with $1.6 billion to his name. MJ is one of the richest former or current NBA players mostly thanks to his partnership with Nike and his Jordan Brand, as well as his ownership of the surprising Charlotte Hornets.

Things have changed for MJ in the past year since he was worth $2.1 billion according to the same publication. How did he lose $500 million? Well, Michael was one of the people affected after the GameStop stock. That was a big hit for a lot of people and His Airness wasn’t the exception.

Still, he has kept investing in new projects, helping people in Charlotte, and more. That is a big hit but if anybody knows how to get up after being down, that’s Michael Jordan.

Knowing that the future of his team is in good hands with Terry Rozier, Gordon Hayward, LaMelo Ball, PJ Washington, and more, his net worth will keep growing and those $500 million will be recovered. Jordan has also invested in NBA Top Shot and seeing how well things are going for them, perhaps he’ll get that money back sooner than expected.

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