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Lakers superstar Anthony Davis has missed months of action, and his team has clearly felt the effects of his absence. 4-6 in their last 10, and now the 5th seed in the West, it’s clear that AD is an important part of the Lakers’ success.

And while he’s slowly getting closer to his return, the organization is being extremely cautious with his status, as the NYT’s Marc Stein pointed out in a recent update:

(via the New York Times’ Marc Stein)

“Davis has missed the past 23 games because of persistent Achilles’ tendon discomfort and an adjacent calf strain,” Stein wrote. “There is some hope within the organization that he will return to the lineup after the Lakers’ five-game Eastern Conference swing underway, but any injury that involves the Achilles’ tendon, no matter how purportedly mild, is going to spook people until Davis gets back on the floor. Achilles’ tendon injuries remain the most feared in the sport.”

The official diagnosis is a “calf strain,” which is dangerously and uncomfortably close to the Achilles. Considering Achille injuries are, rightfully so, the most feared in pro-sports, it’s easy to understand why the team is being so conservative with their approach to Davis.

At 36-years-old, LeBron James has to rely on his co-star now more than ever before. And if Davis is compromised in any way throughout the playoffs, it could spell disaster for the defending Champs.

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