Anthony Edwards wants his teammates to step up on the defensive end of the ball. The 2020 No. 1 overall pick has started talking like a real leader for the team and he wants everybody to put a bigger effort to stop the rivals and get more chances to win games.

On Wednesday, the Timberwolves lost to the Indiana Pacers, scoring 137 points but allowing 141, which is a very high number unless you’re the Brooklyn Nets. After the game, Ant-Man was very critical of his team, claiming that they need to do better if they want to win more games. Edwards made it clear that the coach only tells them what to do and their job is to do it on the court.

“Coach can’t come on the floor. He can’t do sh*t but tell us what to do…Sh*t, he just saying words. We gotta go out there and do the sh*t. Defense is effort,” the guard said after the game.

They need to do something to fix this. The Timberwolves rank 28th in points allowed per game with 117.2. Also, the team ranks 29th in the Opponent’s Field Goal Percentage with 48.1, so this situation doesn’t look that favorable for Edwards and co.

They are the worst team in the league and these numbers aren’t very promising for the rest of the campaign. It seems like they’re heading to the lottery again and will try to continue building a competitive squad in the upcoming season. They already got a good one in Edwards but the rookie has a lot to improve before becoming the player he can be in the association.

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