Kenyon Martin had a couple of things to say about the controversy between Kevin Durant and actor and comedian Michael Rapaport, which broke the internet last week after the latter revealed a series of messages sent by the Brooklyn Nets superstar, who didn’t like Rapaport’s comments about KD’s awkward interview with Charles Barkley.

Things quickly got out of control, with KD using really strong words to refer to the actor and even inviting him to fight. Well, Durant was fined by the league for his comments but it was Rapaport who received the biggest backlash. Even though what Durant did was very bad, the fact that he showed the messages didn’t sit well with a lot of people, including Stephen A. Smith, who accused him of breaking codes with his actions.

Moreover, Kenyon Martin recently said something similar, calling out Mike for acting the way he did. During a recent conversation with Jadakiss on Neats & Unfiltered, the former NBA player said he lost a lot of respect for Rapaport, whom he had a show with (1:54).

“I lost a lot of respect for Rapaport. We had a show together, me and Mike were cool. We had a great rapport, had him on the first season of Neats & Unfiltered. Yeah, I lost a lot of respect for him in this regard, like you do it to every to everybody, you say sh*t to people, people respond to a certain degree if they hit you in your DMs. (…) When somebody responds, who is basically a bigger name, a bigger celebrity than you are, you have a problem with it. And, you say things to touch people in a certain way, to push people’s buttons and when he didn’t respond in a way you thought he was going to respond and he told you he was going to slap the sh*t out of you when he see you, you take it as a threat. Like, you can’t do that. You can say sh*t to people and think not gonna fill away all the time or have something to say or when they see you– If he hadn’t told you he was gonna slap the sh*t out of you, but when he see you, he slapped the sh*t out of you, then you’re gonna wonder why. I think it was a private conversation. That was some coward sh*t.”

Just like K-Mart, a lot of people think the same about Rapaport and his actions. What KD did was wrong but all of this situation could have been avoided if people just minded their business and nothing else. Now we’re here, talking about the beef between a comedian an NBA player.

Things have been crazy around the league in the past week. Not only this KD situation but Paul Pierce wildin’ on Instagram live and more. We’re living in a crazy world and the NBA often shows us big examples of that.

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