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5 NBA Legends That Should Help LeBron James In Space Jam 2

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Now that we know that LeBron James is the chosen one to try and stop the Monstars from taking over the world and Space Jam 2 is finally confirmed, we feel like it just can’t come soon enough.

Just like Jordan once did, LeBron James will be the man in charge of helping the Tune Squad beat some freaks from outer space, tiny monsters that will steal the talents away from the best players in the world to try and beat them on a basketball game.

Michael Jordan didn’t get much help, him being the greatest player ever. But, now that the Monstars have had a lot of time to practice, watch film and whatnot, they’re definitely going to be a major handful for the King.

Also, LeBron James is the best small forward in the history of the game and arguably a top 5 player ever, but he’s never been able to win without help. That being said, let’s take a look at the top 5 NBA legends that should give him a hand in Space Jam 2.

5. Ray Allen

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Ray Allen is one of the greatest three-point shooters ever. He’s a beloved NBA player and has already starred in a movie by playing Jesus Shuttlesworth. He’s already bailed out Bron once in the Finals against the Spurs, so he should come off the bench to dramatically replace a Looney Tune and hit a clutch 3 pointer.

4. Magic Johnson


Magic Johnson has always embraced that kind of mentor role. He loves to take young ballers under his wing and gives them wise advice, and boy, he has always loved LeBron James. Magic is a proven winner, at least when it comes to the Finals, so he could be the team’s coach and constantly guide James through bad times.

3. Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant is already breaking down players and the way they play the game, as well as providing guidance and advice to young studs. So, him being so obsessed with the game and details, should be the team’s film analyst and provide LeBron insight on how to beat the Monstars, not without first letting him know that he’s the greatest Laker ever, of course.

2. Dwyane Wade


Dwyane Wade was LeBron’s best teammate and friend throughout his entire NBA career. The Flash never hesitated to take a step back for the sake of the team and let LeBron have most of the highlights. So, in this movie, perhaps he could make the ultimate sacrifice, put his body (literally) on the line on a loose ball and hand James the last second-alley oop pass to beat the Monstars as his body is vaporized by a laser gun.

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1. Michael Jordan

Space Jam 2 Jordan LeBron

Michael Jordan, competitive as he is, may not want LeBron James to save the world just because he did it first. But, who knows? Perhaps he bet on the Tune Squad to win and would rather watch the King lead them to the W instead of losing more money. So, nobody would be better to advise James than the greatest player ever and the only one who knows what it takes to win these troublemakers.