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5 NBA Players That Should Play In China

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Having a successful NBA career is something not much players can actually brag about, but even more, maintaining success through a long period of time, it’s something even way harder to accomplish nowadays.

The NBA has seen some of the best athletes in the world go through their hardwoods, knocking everybody off their feet on a nightly basis with their top notch talent and feel for the game, but over the course of the years, we’ve also seen some major flops.

Gladly for them, there’s always one choice when competitive basketball isn’t their thing but their bodies are still capable of keeping up with the sport: the Chinese league, a minor tournament where Americans go to dominate and cashing huge paychecks. Today, we’ll let you know about 5 guys that should just call it a day in the NBA and try their luck in China.

5. Lance Stephenson


Lance Stephenson was one of the most intriguing players entering free agency several seasons ago after being a nightly triple double threat and one of the most important pieces of Frank Vogel’s Indiana Pacers, the team that was closest to keep the Miami Heat in check for years.

But, since leaving Indiana, Stephenson’s career took a major downfall, and he just hasn’t been nearly as productive as he was before. Struggling to be a consistent scorer, not working hard enough on defense and being just a terrible teammate, he should just pack his bags and get paid elsewhere.

4. Kyle Singler


Not so long ago, Kyle Singler seemed like he was going to be a deadly shooter and one of the highest ranked prospects in the nation, even making it to the Detroit Pistons and having a lot of chance to prove his worth in the early going.

Nonetheless, Singler’s game never took off, he proved to be slow and clumsy and he’s not able to even create his own shot at an NBA level, making him one of the worst players in the Association at this point. Still, having a lot of touches and lousy defenders in China could really help him improve while making a lot of dough in the process.

3. Mike Scott


Mike Scott was never much of an interesting prospect or a guy that may shock you with strength or athleticism, and the fact that he’s still in the league after barely touching the hardwood for the Atlanta Hawks is one of the greatest mysteries in competitive sports.

Still, having the type of body that he has and considering that he was supposed to have a lot of range, moving to a weaker tournament against tweener and skinny defenders may actually prove that he was worthy of a second round pick back in the day.

2. Noah Vonleh


Noah Vonleh seemed poised for stardom several seasons ago when the Charlotte Hornets drafted him as the new Chris Bosh, but they never actually gave him the chance to thrive and nagging pains also took his toll on the youngster’s development.

Now, as a member of the Portland Trail Blazers, the youngster is struggling to live up to the expectations and keep pace against stronger defenders, while his lack of range is a major spacing concern in the modern NBA. Nevertheless, he could totally own the paint in the Chinese league, and that’s exactly where he should be right now.

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1. Michael Beasley


Michael Beasley

And last but not least, we get Michael Beasley, one of the NBA’s biggest “what ifs” since entering the league, owning one of the most prolific offensive talents but struggling to be a consistent player due to his lack of discipline and commitment.

Beasley has already dominated the Chinese league, and there’s absolutely no doubt about his talent and ability to put a lot of points on the scoreboard, so he should just take his talents there before being involved in yet another scandal in the States, where he’s been nothing but a major disappointment for everyone who trusted him.