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6 NBA Players Who Have Twin Sisters

6 NBA Players Who Have Twin Sisters

The NBA is a curious world; you can find plenty of interesting stuff there besides the common topics of players, stats and championships. We recently saw current and former NBA players who have parents considerably shorter than them, and now it’s the turn to see another fun and interesting list.

We have seen plenty of cases of NBA players who have brothers in the league, like Pau and Marc Gasol or Seth and Steph Curry; if we want to go further, we can see twin brothers who have actually played in the league, as it’s the case with Robin and Brook Lopez or Marcus and Markieff Morris.

Now, we’re going to take a look at some players who don’t have twin brothers, but twin sisters. The odds of a baby being born into a boy-girl twin set are about 1 in 220, so you know we have something remarkable here, especially when you see one of the twins is a basketball star.

All of these players are talented ones, so we wonder if the fact that they have a twin sister has something to do with it. Here are 6 NBA players who have twin sisters.

Victor Oladipo

victoria and victor oladipo

The Indiana Pacers star has been one of the best players in the league for the last two years, improving his level with the Pacers after having struggling seasons with the Orlando Magic and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Even though last season wasn’t good for him, as he broke his leg last January, the former Indiana Hoosiers player has a twin sister called Victoria, who has gotten his back ever since Victor’s day in college and we’re pretty sure far before that. In bad moments like the one Victor had at the beginning of this year, having a person like his twin sister by his side makes things easier.

Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward and sister

Gordon Hayward has also a twin sister, named Heather. One interesting thing about Hayward and his sister is that they weren’t the only pair of twin siblings in the Utah Jazz when Gordon was part of the team; in fact, Dante Exum also had a twin sister named Tierra.

For Heather, his brother was always around her, trying to make her participate in all his activities. She often remembers Gordon wouldn’t leave her out of games, and he would always pick her first at recess pick-up basketball games. Just like with Oladipo, the ‘twin power’ played a big role in Hayward’s career. In fact, they actually took the court together for some time, but it was to play tennis.

Shawn Marion

marion and sister

Raised by his single mother, Elaine, Shawn Marion and his twin sister Shawnette grew up in Chicago alongside their younger sisters, Traimane and Quinnisha. It’s been revealed that Shawn’s mother didn’t push her children to focus on school and instead let them discover by themselves what they wanted to do with their lives.

Good thing for her son, he went to become an NBA star, playing with great teams like the Mike D’Antoni’s Phoenix Suns and the Dallas Mavericks who won the NBA title in 2011 against the LeBron James-led Miami Heat. Throughout his career and life, Marion always had his mother and sisters with him; back in 2011, he even had a prospect of a reality show featuring the ‘ladies of his life’, but that never came to fruition.

Rashard Lewis

rashard lewis

The former Seattle SuperSonics star was one of the most talented players of his time, but he was also known for being a caring person off the court. Lewis connection with his mother, Juanita, and siblings was always special, more knowing that his mother raised them by herself until Lewis was 14 and his mom got married again.

The forward had a special relationship with all his siblings, but the strongest one was with his twin sister, Kirsten, who always joined the player every year to celebrate Christmas along with the rest of the family.

Dante Exum

dante exum and sister

This is the only case in which the siblings actually have pursued a professional career in sports. Australian guard Dante Exum has been part of the Utah Jazz since 2014 when the team selected him with the fifth overall selection.

On the other hand, his sister Tierra is a runner who has gotten some recognition in recent times. Back in 2016, while her brother was sidelined due to an injury, Tierra made it to the professional running scene by winning a famous career in her hometown.

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Anthony Davis

AD and sister

Anthony Davis is set to start a new chapter with the Los Angeles Lakers and he will have a lot of support every night. Davis has two sisters in Antoinette and Lesha Davis, with the first one being his twin sister. One of them plays basketball, but it’s not precisely Antoinette.

Instead, she helped the big man tremendously during his academic years. It was revealed by a former classmate of Davis that while Anthony had a year filled with practices, interviews and photo shoots, Antoinette tracked his homework and projects. You can talk about support when you see these two.