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7 NBA Players That Could Play Until 40

7 NBA Players That Could Play Until 40 Kyrie Irving Uncle Drew

Age is a fierce enemy of basketball players, as they tend to lose most of their gifts as time goes by. Recovery time is way longer than it used to be, they lose their athleticism and tend to get hurt with ease.

Some players of the likes of Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan have defied father time and have successfully beat them, while other players like Vince Carter still find themselves in NBA hardwoods despite not being nearly half as dominant as they used to be.

Playing ball at 40 is no joke, and considering we’ve seen about some players nowadays, there are 7 guys that we believe could play until they reach that age, and we’ll let you know about them right now.

7. LeBron James

NBA Lakers LA LeBron James

If you have any kind of doubt LeBron James can play until his 40, just go ahead and take a look at his stats and highlights from this prior campaign. He’s getting better with age and will have a better support cast next to him and could keep his minutes down a bit. Also, he’s keen to play next to his son, Bronny James, and he’s always known how to keep perfect care of his body.

6. Stephen Curry


Even though Stephen Curry has had some ankle issues over the course of his career, and that he may not be motivated to play until he’s 40 after winning it all, he definitely could, even if that means playing off the bench as a lethal weapon from beyond the arc. The shot is the last part of the game to go, and he’s the greatest shooter in NBA history.

5. Kevin Durant


Despite being skinny and looking fragile at times, Kevin Durant has never been an injury prone player. Besides a couple of injuries, he’s always been quite a healthy player, and him also being an outstanding shooter, he could make the most of it for years to come. Also, with his length, he could even play as a backup center for a contending team and bail on the Warriors when their dynasty comes to an end.

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo


Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the most hardworking young men in the league and his work ethic and constant desire to be better make him be one of the biggest gym rats as well. He’s gained a lot of muscle throughout the offseason, is an easy going young man that doesn’t enjoy partying or drinking, is strong, and very athletic.

3. Russell Westbrook


Ever since having knee surgery, Russell Westbrook has looked like a teenager (both physically and mentally). The Brodie is strong, fast, explosive and arguably the most athletic guy in the league, and his determination to keep on making his numbers better and better to enter history books may force him to be in the league a while longer than he actually should.

2. Chris Paul

chris-paul-injury-update houston

Chris Paul is the best point guard in the league when healthy. He’s strong and a hard competitor, and always keeps on getting up after being hurt over and over. He refuses to retire with a ring or at least a Finals appearance, so he would definitely keep on trying even if that means coming off the bench when father time takes his toll on him. Sadly, he’s not likely to ever Win a chip.

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1. Kyrie Irving


Obviously, Kyrie Irving HAS to play until he’s 40 years old. He’s freaking Uncle Drew, for God’s sake!. Irving has the best handles in the league and is one of the most talented scorers ever. So, now that he’s also won a Championship, he could embrace a Jamal Crawford-like role off the bench when he’s 40 years or so.