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8 Great NBA Shooters With Ugly Shooting Forms

8 Great NBA Shooters With Ugly Shooting Forms

Shooting is one of the main features all players need to develop in order to make it in the NBA, regardless of their athleticism, speed or even defensive expertise. You need to consistently make jump shots if you want to thrive in modern basketball.

Shooting coaches make a living out of “fixing” broke shots in order to make already greatly talented players become even more dominant, although there’s been cases of players like Shaquille O’Neal who was never able to develop a free throw shooting stroke.

Nonetheless, over the course of history, there’s been a handful of players whose shot is pretty much terrible but still manage to consistently send the rock to the bottom of the net. Today, we’ll talk about those 8 great shooters with an ugly shooting form.

8. Joe Ingles

Joe Ingles was one of the main reasons why the Utah Jazz was able to make it to the playoffs this year, especially because of his reliable stroke from beyond the three-point line.

Even so, Ingles’ shot is broke beyond repair, his release is extremely high and it looks like he’s not even going to shoot it strong enough to make it to the backboard. Still, he’s a career 44% shooter from three.

7. Al Horford

Al Horford is one of the most underrated players in the league. He’s a master of the intangibles, a guy that can lead the break, find the open guy, and even consistently score from three-point territory.

Horford’s shot is awkward, to say the least, shooting with his arms wide open in a frontal manner that’s just odd to watch. He’s coming off a great shooting season, knocking down 42% of his three-pointers.

6. Larry Bird

People always burned Larry Bird for his supposed lack of athleticism and ugly shooting stroke, but we’re talking about a guy that put career averages of 24.3 points on 37% shooting from three-point land.

However, Larry Legend’s shot was odd to watch, as he turned his hip towards the basket, aligning it with his elbow and shoulder. He took the ball way behind his head and then his release point was pretty high.

5. Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin was what we may call a hip shooter, a guy that takes the ball all the way from his hip to over his head when he was ready to pull up.

Averaging almost 18 points on 38.4% shooting from three-point land, despite shooting the ball pretty much from his chest, one of the most blockable shots you’ll ever find. Still, he was great even when contested.

4. Eric Gordon

The former Sixth Man of the Year winner is also a hip shooter, and even though his career average from three may not be as high as others (37.4) he’s a volume scorer that has always been a consistent shooter from beyond the arc.

He takes his shot all the way down from his hip while having his waists down, and releases from his forehead, so the fact that he actually hits contested shots still surprises me.

3. Matt Bonner

The Red Mamba made a living out of consistently knocking three-pointers for the Spurs, providing a lot of space for an offensive system that has never relied on shooting threes.

Averaging over 41% from three, he even led the league in 3P% once with a 46% shooting average. Still, he took the ball up from his hip and released it from his chin, and it even seemed as if he had to take his head out of the way in order to shoot.

2. Michael Redd

Most people have forgotten about Michael Redd’s deadly scoring ability, a guy that scored over 19 points a game while shooting 38% from three-point territory.

Even so, his shooting form was as ugly as they come, as he took the ball all the way from behind to over his shoulders, and pretty much catapulted the ball all the way to the bottom of the net. He recorded 2 seasons where he shot over 43% from three-point land.

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1. Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher is yet another over the shoulder shooter whose game pretty much relied on pulling up and knocking down three-pointers, averaging over 37% from his career and even recording 4 different seasons shooting over 40% from downtown.

Still, he pretty much just swings the ball all the way to the rim instead of releasing it, and he’s got to have the ugliest, most consistent shot in NBA history.