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9-Year-Old Fan Writes Heartfelt Letter To Joel Embiid After Game 7 Loss To Raptors

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Joel Embiid suffered a heart-breaking end to his season after Kawhi's game-winner sent his team home early. Embiid and the Sixers were unable to meet the high expectations placed on them, and his disappointment was put on display following the season-ending loss. Cameras showed an emotional Embiid crying after the game, and even said he "didn't give a damn" about 'The Process.'

One optimistic young fan gave Embiid some encouraging words through the loss, and it broke the internet.

She presents a very good point: loss happens to everyone; especially those who compete at the highest level. And for a guy who still has so much to prove, losing this series might have been exactly what Embiid needed.

He has been criticized for his poor diet and low work ethic in the past. While he has always been a great player, his approach towards the game has always been a flaw.

Maybe now, with the taste of defeat in his mouth, he will be willing to do what it takes to get the job done. At least one young Philly fan has faith.