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A Bar In New Jersey Will Give Away Free Beer When Ben Simmons Hits His First Three-Pointer

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

There's no doubt Ben Simmons is one of the best players in the world right now. He can do - almost - everything, is an efficient scorer, solid defender and one of the smartest playmakers in the league.

However, people are judged by the things they don't do well, rather than what they can actually do, and, as Stephen A. Smith said, he holds the Philadelphia 76ers' title holds on his hands, but he must develop a jump shot first.

So, it looks like a Double Nickel Brewing Co, a bar in New Jersey, is trying to give him some extra motivation to finally start knocking down three-pointers, as they just announced that they will give away free beer when he hits his first bucket from downtown:

"An idea came up and we just kept adding to it. It was sort of a joke at first but then we were like, 'Wait a minute, we should definitely do this and go all out. It kind of snowballed, 'let me see if I can get a little mini-fridge and do a spoof of what Bud Light did with the Browns?!' And then we did," sales manager Brian Needham said, as quoted by Bleacher Report.

Simmons is yet to hit a three-pointer on his career following 17 attempts over a span of two seasons, and you just can't be a modern-day point guard if you're unable to occasionally knocking down a three.

He's been evasive when talking about the subject to the media but it's clear that he's upset about his lack of a consistent jumper, as he's put a lot of work on it during the offseason.

There's no doubt that Simmons' first three will be one for the ages. People already lost their mind when he hit one in the preseason, and now that they know they can get a cold one for free, he'll likely become New Jersey's biggest idol.