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A Hilarious Story Of How Kobe Bryant Got The Refs To Give Him Free-Throws


NBA officiating is no easy task. Not only are players/fans arguing the call literally all the time, but you don't even know the right call at times either. The game goes so fast, it's just hard to keep up sometimes.

At least in this one case, as told by Richard Jefferson, Kobe Bryant helped make the refs lives a little easier, even if it was for that one call. In the story, Jefferson describes a moment in one particular game where the refs were trying to decide whether or not to give Kobe two free-throws after the foul. They weren't sure if he was shooting before he got fouled. His response to them was golden.

"I'll tell you a Kobe story. (After he was fouled, the refs) were trying to figure out if he was shooting or not. Kobe told them 'I haven’t passed the ball all night.'.. They kinda looked around and were like 'Yeah. Let's give him 2 free throws.' It was great logic."

Kobe literally used the "I don't pass the ball" logic against the refs... and it actually worked. I mean, who could really argue against that? Kobe isn't known for his willingness to pass the ball, that night must have been especially bad.

Leave it to The Mamba too use honesty to his advantage.