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Aaron Gordon Accidentally Shares Pic Of His Girlfriend With Her Nipple Fully Exposed

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Aaron Gordon made a huge mistake recently when sharing a pic of his stunning girlfriend, Izabela Guedes. Gordon posted the pic on his Instagram stories to show his girlfriend's outfit. Izabela had left her nippled exposed and Gordon was supposed to cover it. Well, he misplaced the emoji meant to do that job and that's when the disaster happened.

Of course, it's a nipple, it should be the most normal thing in the world, but the NBA community is wild and doesn't let this go unnoticed.

We have the censored version here, the one with a well-placed emoji, so go look elsewhere for the raw version.

gordon girld

Izabela Guedes is a Brazilian model, who used to date rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Gordon and his Orlando Magic finished a good season (for them) in the Orlando bubble, losing in the first round of the playoffs against the Milwaukee Bucks. The power forward has been linked with a move away from Orlando in recent months, with the Golden State Warriors mentioned as one of his possible destinations for the next campaign. It's time for him to go help a contender team and see if he can win that ring.

Meanwhile, he'll be spending some quality time with his beautiful girlfriend. Hopefully, not making these big mistakes.