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All-Swag NBA Team

All-Swag NBA Team

Swag is something just a handful of people have, a feature that makes everybody around you notice you, laugh with (and sometimes at) you, and make most of the headlines on a nightly basis.

Some NBA players really thrive while showing off their swag, something that not always brings out the best out of them and that may cause them a lot of trouble among their peers, fans and media at times.

Swaggy players look like they don’t care, like they’re just in it for the fun, the chicks and the money; and they’re not going to hesitate to let you know about it. Today, we’re going to talk about the NBA’s All-Swag Team.

Honorable Mention: Kelly Oubre Jr

PG: Cameron Payne

Have you seen Cameron Payne dancing? Well, he’s been more known in the league for it and his choreographed handshakes with Russell Westbrook rather than his actual play, mostly due to injuries. With that kind of moves, his Afro and his careless persona, he’s earned the right to run the point for this team.

SG: JR Smith

JR Smith pretty much spent the whole summer without putting a shirt on when the Cavs won the title, and he’s always been known for his love for hitting the club even if he has a game the very next morning. Smith just doesn’t give a damn about what anybody thinks, and he’s just going to keep on pulling up from a distance when heavily guarded because he’s got the swag.

SF: Nick Young

At the small forward spot, we got the very captain of this team; Swaggy P (now Swaggy Champ) himself. Young is always fooling around and joking, he likes to be with a lot of girls and get lit. Hell, he’s so swaggy, he’s even nicknamed himself and talks about him in the 3rd person. Also, he’s pretty much unconscious when he has the rock on his hands.

PF: Michael Beasley

We got Michael Beasley at the four here, a young man that never made the most out of his talent due to his endless swag, sort of say. Beasley lacks discipline but makes up for it with top-notch offensive gifts, but in the very end, he just doesn’t give a damn.

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C: JaVale McGee

And who would be better to lock down the paint than a 2 time NBA Champion and perennial Shaqtin-A-Fool MVP? There’s no swaggier big man than JaVale McGee, once considered to be a clown, and now a key element in one of the strongest teams the game of basketball has ever seen.