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Andre Roberson Roasts Kid Who Asked To 'Play' For His Girlfriend


Who knew Andre Roberson's off-court defense was just as good as his defense on the court?

It has recently been revealed that Oklahoma City Thunder swingman Andre Roberson has started dating Rachel Demita, a former Division 1 college basketball player, and host of 2KTV. Although she shouldn't need any introduction, Rachel is extremely active on Instagram, and has a large gathering of followers due to her being the face of 2KTV.

Due to the demographic of the 2K games, there are a lot of teenage boys who swoon over Demita, despite the fact she's in a relationship with Roberson. One of these teenagers decided to shoot his shot, asking Dre to 'play for his girl' on Instagram. Roberson was quick to shut him down, something that must come naturally for the All-Defensive teamer.

Andre Roberson Roasts Kid Who Asked To 'Play' For His Girlfriend

All you need to do is take a look at Rachel's Instagram comments section to see some of the things people are saying about her, so it comes as no surprise Andre Roberson may have become a little peeved with the waves of comments from teenagers regarding his girl.