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Angry Knicks Fan Sells His Fanhood On Ebay


The Knicks are an absolute mess, and they have been for several years now.

Usually, fans in New York, while impatient, are very loyal when it comes to their teams. Though it seems for this Knicks fan (or should I say, ex-fan), he's had enough.

In a rather interesting approach, this guy has decided to literally sell his "fanhood" on eBay. The winner of the bid gets to decide which team he will root for next... and the bid is currently up to almost $2,000 dollars.

We're not sure what's crazier; that the guy had the idea to "sell" his fanhood, or that people are actually willing to pay over 1,000 dollars just to tell this guy which team to root for. To be clear, though, he is claiming to use that money on the specified team memorabilia, so he won't be (hopefully_ spending it on a bunch of hotdogs.

And what if someone makes him root for the Knicks again? Well, at least he'd still get the money...