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Anthony Davis Trolls Everyone After April Fool's "Brow Shaving" Prank


Don't lie, at least some of you were fooled by Anthony Davis' video of him supposedly "shaving" his signature unibrow.

When it comes to April Fool's Day, the internet becomes a very dangerous place, and as a sports fan especially, you never know what you can and cannot believe on the first of April, which is something the Pelicans' star took advantage of in the weeks leading up to April 1st.

Across all of his social media accounts, AD posted polls asking his fans if he should shave his iconic unibrow look, and surprisingly, almost all the polls were split 50/50 down the middle, just like his eyebrows in the near future.

After the polls closed, Davis posted a video of himself with a razor and shaving cream, and was about to film himself separating his eyebrows right down the middle. Strangely enough though, the camera somehow fell over right as AD was about to do it, and once he picked the camera back up, his eyebrow had turned into eyebrows.

Many fans had already caught onto the prank as soon as it was posted, with the combination of him dropping the camera, the subtly-placed Red Bull logos on the towel he was using, the date, and the lack of logic as to why he would change his iconic look all changing the skeptic's minds.

Well, if you doubted the video from the very beginning, congratulations, you didn't fall for Davis' prank.

The Brow is here to stay (for now).