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Anthony Davis Was Scared For His Life In A Haunted House With Demarcus Cousins: "AD Stop Touching Me Bro!"

anthony davis demarcus cousins

Let's be honest for a second here. NBA players aren't like regular people. They don't look like the rest of us, they don't work out like the rest of us, and contrary to popular belief, they don't even get to spend a lot of free time just chilling like most normal people.

Obviously, you wouldn't expect a 6'10'' grown man and a person who has to be more mentally strong than the average person like an NBA superstar to be scared for his life when he enters a haunted house. Then again, at the end of the day, even if they look different from most of us, even NBA stars are just human beings.

That's why it was so hilarious to see Anthony Davis nearly wet his pants when he visited a haunted house with DeMarcus Cousins and some teammates from the New Orleans Pelicans back in 2017, long before he became an NBA Champion.

Davis, Cousins, and the rest of the players entered the haunted house and couldn't even be apart from each other. The Brow nearly climbed Cousins' back, up to the point where DeMarcus called him out and told him to get off him.

At the end of the clip, you can even see Anthony Davis running for his life after a zombie with a chainsaw started chasing the group, saying that he didn't want to go back, sweating, and clearly worried because he 'had lost DeMarcus and didn't know where he was'.

All jokes aside, it's always impressive to watch NBA players as simple human beings, as we're used to idolizing them. More than that, this is a true testament that they also have fears, anxiety, and weak spots, and maybe we shouldn't be so hard on them when they're not performing the way they should. Relax, AD, you're safe now.