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Ayesha Curry Explains How Warriors Are Recovering From NBA Finals Loss

Ayesha Curry Explains How Warriors Are Recovering From NBA Finals Loss

The NBA Finals ended two weeks ago, but the discussions about the series continue, especially now that we enter the free agency with several players from both teams trying their luck in the market. In the last days, all the talks involved the Toronto Raptors and their future, forgetting the Golden State Warriors and how they reacted after the loss.

Facing the free agency of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant, the Dubs enter a difficult offseason following the hurtful loss they suffered in the Finals and many people wonder how they are going to manage to recover this summer after getting defeated by 4-2 against the Raptors, even losing the sixth game of the series at home.

Ayesha Curry, Warriors point guard Steph Curry’s wife, recently visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk with the host about several topics, including how the team has been recovering from their NBA Finals loss.

“The mood right now looks like sloping greens and nine irons and drivers," Ayesha said. "That's what happens during the off-season." Kimmel replied, "So, it's a golfing type mood?" The restauranteur said that no one is taking the loss too hard. "You know what? At this point, a lot of times, things are bigger than basketball. So at this point, (Steph) just wants his teammates to get healthy.”

Even if the loss still hurts, the Warriors will try to come back stronger next season despite facing the absence of Thompson and Durant for a considerable time, if they finally re-signed with the team. Steph Curry will have to step up his game to take the Californians to relive the old glories.