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Ben Simmons' Former Friend Accused Him Of Shooting His Shot With His Fiancée While Dating Kendall Jenner

Ben Simmons' Former Friend Accused Him Of Shooting His Shot With His Fiancée While Dating Kendall Jenner

Ben Simmons has been a controversial figure in the NBA in recent years. The Brooklyn Nets star has been under fire for his inability or unwillingness to improve his game and become a consistent 3-pointer. The player earned a lot of criticism for that, and for regressing every year. 

Besides his on-court controversies, Simmons was involved in some issues regarding his personal and love life. Last year, actor Michael Blackson made huge accusations against the Australian player, claiming he tried to slide into his fiancée's DMs, which obviously ruined their relationship. 

“Me and Ben had a falling out… We never even talked about it, but not too long ago Ben was in my girl’s DMs. Here’s the thing, me and this guy were so cool and so close, I threw girls at him, I hooked him up and this guy was still in my woman’s DMs. She didn’t want to tell me because she knew was friends but she had no choice but to tell me. Even when that happened, I stopped communicating with him, I didn’t want to distract him from his play and I’m like, 'if they win this series I might forgive him,' but then he lost and I went and started killing his ass. I tweeted about it."

The streets haven't forgotten about it and recently, Shannon Sharpe sat down with Blackson, asking him about the Simmons situation and what happened during that moment. Blackson doubled down on his comments and added that Simmons hit on Rada while he was dating supermodel Kendall Jenner. 

"He didn't try to holla at one of my chicks, if he tried to holla at one of my sidechicks it wouldn't matter. He tried to holla at my fiancé," said Blackson, via Hot New Hip Hop

Shannon asked if Simmons knew that Rada was engaged to Blackson, and the comedian didn't hesitate. 

"Knew. One hundred percent knew," he answered. "The thing about it, when it first happened, when she told me—'cause I remember one time, you know, me and Ben... She asked him about it like, 'Isn't Mike your friend?' He denied it. Denied our friendship." 

"From the day he got drafted to us hanging out, parties, this, going to games together, I would fly out—he was like, my homie, he was my little brother, my little light-skinned brother," Blackson added.

This is a terrible situation for Simmons, who was accused of cheating on Jenner several times. If he tried to score on his friend's fiancée, nobody around him would be safe. Now the focus is on Simmons' injury and what type of player he'll be when he returns next season. The Brooklyn Nets have high expectations of him, and it'll be interesting to find out if he can fulfill them or not.

If he tries to shoot as he did with Rada, then the Nets will have more chances to make some noise next campaign.