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Ben Simmons Reaction To LeBron James' Live All-Star Trade


LeBron James has pulled off a stunning move with a blockbuster trade in the All-Star draft that now has Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons on Team LeBron.

The two captains, LeBron James, and Giannis Antetokounmpo participated in the first ever live All-Star draft where we were shocked to see the two make a game-changing trade. There’s no hiding the relationship of four-time MVP, LeBron James, and 76ers Ben Simmons, both have been extremely close since last season. There was even talk the LeBron may join Simmons in Philadelphia this season before he eventually chose the Los Angeles Lakers.

This live trade has allowed the two stars to have the chance to play with each other this All-Star game. LeBron used his first pick in the draft to take Anthony Davis who has been very tightly linked to the Lakers ever since he announced he was requesting a trade. Antetokounmpo went ahead and picked Ben Simmons which put LeBron into ‘shuffle mode’.

This all led to the eventual trade that LeBron proposed, one-time MVP Russell Westbrook for second-year player Ben Simmons.

Simmons may have gone early on Twitter by announcing he was part of Team Giannis before he tweeted again to re-correct himself.

Ben Simmons was back on Twitter later that night to point out that even ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski didn’t see it coming. LeBron even replied on the tweet claiming that Wojnarowski was probably too tired from the deadline to worry about this.

Many people have wondered what these two stars of the game would be like together on the same team, this year’s All-Star game will be our first look at it. Some have pointed out that the majority of LeBron’s team are a side full of players who he wants to team up with in L.A. There’s every chance that this may be a preview for the Lakers next season with Anthony Davis and LeBron James on the court together.

The All-Star game this year will take place in Charlotte on the 18th of February.