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Ben Simmons Roasts Boston Fan On Twitter For Calling Out His Shooting


It's a known fact that Ben Simmons isn't the greatest from three-point range. In fact, we can't even tell if he's any good from three because the reigning Rookie of the Year refuses to shoot from outside the arc unless it's a half-court heave.

Fans of some of the 76ers biggest rivals know this, and a Boston Celtics fan on Twitter decided to crack a joke at Simmons' expense, posting a video of Ben refusing to shoot a three in NBA 2K19.

Obviously, Simmons knows that he doesn't have the range needed to shoot consistently from three, which is why he refuses to shoot from back there in the first place. But Ben decided to clap back at the fan not long after, taking a shot at his thin beard of all things.


The fan did have a response of his own to that, however, challenging Simmons to a three-point contest, and stating that he "wouldn't cheat like Kendall," referring to the multiple times Simmons was cheated on by his rumored girlfriend Kendall Jenner.

Ben better make sure he hits at least one three next season for the Sixers, otherwise people like Kenny here may never shut up about it.