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Bone Collector Broke Floyd Mayweather's Ankles During Charity Basketball Game

Bone Collector Brokes Floyd Mayweather's Ankles During Charity Basketball Game

Floyd Mayweather got knocked down in the last place he and fans would think he'd get. Money was among many celebrities who took part in Power 106's "50K Charity Basketball Game" at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion, and what started as a fun event ended up with him getting his ankles broke.

At some point of the game, he had the difficult task to guard none other than professional streetball legend Larry 'Bone Collector' Williams. Things couldn't be worse for the boxing legend.

After teasing Mayweather by putting the ball through his legs, Williams put Floyd on skates and sent the undefeated boxing champion stumbling to the floor.

Words can make justice to the things Mayweather went through during that play. Here is a video of how things went down:

The hardwood was probably the last place where Mayweather would have seen him getting knocked down, but his boxing's footwork didn't work very well on a basketball court.