Boston Celtics Have A Hilarious Advantage this Season

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Boston Celtics Have A Hilarious Advantage this Season

Terry Rozier has been a solid starter last season when Kyrie Irving went down with an injury. Rozier’s performance during the playoffs earned him the nickname “Scary Terry”.

The fact that his stellar breakout year impacted the short-handed Celtics is the epitome of the success of coach Brad Steven’s egalitarian style of basketball.

This season, a new acquisition gave the Celtics an unexpected and hilarious advantage over opponents. Recently, Perry Dozier signed a two-way contract with the Boston Celtics. His name alone is a source of confusion due to its closeness in pronunciation to Terry Rozier.

Imagine when the commentator announced the backcourt line-up rotation and goes, “Now substituting into the line-up are Terry Rozier and Perry Dozier... Or is it Perry Rozier and Terry Dozier?”

It can be a little source of confusion when opponent players call out names during defensive coverages since the two names are such tongue twisters and can easily be misheard during frantic situations of shouting.

Regardless of the tenure of Perry Dozier, the Celtics is sure a beneficiary of this candid X-factor in their game.