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Brad Stevens Takes A Jab At The Lakers


While the infamous Lakers vs Celtics rivalry has often been heralded as the greatest in sports history, it's hype has died down quite a bit in recent years. Mostly, it's been due to the lack of competition from both sides... as the Cs and Lakers are both still coming back from a rebuild.

Regardless, it remains true that the "bad-blood" betwene the two teams isn't nealry as strong these days.

Despite this, Brad Stevens decided to take a little jab at his friends across the coast in a rather joking (but hurtful) way. Here's what he said when asked to respond to Jayson Tatum's comments about listening to Kobe's breakdown in his series "Detail" (via Jay King):

“you’ve gotta be careful taking (advice) from a Laker. Nah I’m kidding.”


But judging by tonight's blowout to the Cavs, maybe Stevens should be open to just about anyone's advice at this point.