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Brianè Miller Turns Down $100K Offer For LeBron' Shoes And Sends A Powerful Message

Credit: Jessica Benson

Credit: Jessica Benson

As much as I love LeBron James on the court I love him even more off the court. It’s very hard to find a player who realizes his impact on other people’s lives as much as LeBron does. From opening a new school in his hometown of Akron to his numerous charity, he has never forgotten where he came from.

There was another heartwarming moment when LeBron and the Lakers were in Memphis playing the Grizzlies. The Lakers heavily defeated Memphis and LeBron was on the bench as the game finished up. James thoughtfully gave his shoes to the Grizzlies assistant equipment manager Brianè Miller and needless to say she was overcome with emotion. There were tears.

It turns out Miller is a huge LeBron fan which was why she was so emotional when getting a pair of LeBron’s shoes. Anything that Lebron touches basically gets turned into gold, and the same thing applies to his shoes. Apparently, Miller was offered $100,000 for the shoes but she stuck to her loyalty firm and true.

"I'm loyal to the max." Said Miller when asked about selling them. There was no way she was going to part with such a prized possession, even when offered a very large sum of money. The average salary for an NBA assistant equipment manager is around $62,000 a year. Even though selling the shoes would have made Miller much better off financially items that have huge sentimental value like a pair of LeBron’s shoes are worth so much than what someone else will pay for them.

Good for Miller for sticking to her principles.