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Bronny James Allegedly Appears Smoking Unknown Substance In Footage

Credit: Sports Gossip

Credit: Sports Gossip

While LeBron James and his wife Savannah are on a yacht vacation in Portofino, Italy, enjoying some couple time with their closest friends, Bronny James is drawing a lot of attention back in Los Angeles, and not precisely for good reasons.

On Wednesday, a showing a teenage boy smoking what appears to be a wax pen surfaced on the network. That’s pretty normal nowadays, but the thing here is that some claim Bronny is the main character of the video.

Some are saying it’s not Bronny, but people insist LeBron James Jr. is the person on the video.

It’s difficult to identify if that’s actually Bronny, but people have pointed out that the jacket that appears in the video is the same he’s been spotted wearing.

Now Sports Gossip reports that LeBron is trying to make the video disappear from the net, but that’s very difficult to carry out nowadays, when anything that you post on the internet, stays here forever.