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Bronny James Drills The Shot From The Bench And Then Yells ‘Steph’



Bronny James, son of the Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, has a curious way to celebrate his long-range shots. He yelled ‘Steph’ after hitting a 3-point shot from the bench while sitting down. shared the clip in which you can see Bronny draining the 3-pointer, yelling ‘Steph’ and finishing with Stephen Curry’s signature chest pump and pointed upwards to the sky.

A couple of years ago, it was normal to see kids and even grown-ups yelling ‘Kobe’ while attempting to make a long shot, but now things are changing. Stephen Curry, alongside Klay Thompson, has changed the way the game is played and kids nowadays are well aware of that.

Yet, things might be different for Bronny, whose father is LeBron James, one of Curry’s biggest rivals in the league after all the matchups they had in the NBA Finals. Still, the influence of Curry is the game is too big to ignore it.

When Bronny and the rest of the kids growing up right now make it to the league, we’ll see how they will change the game thanks to the impact Curry made.