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Bronny's Rival Breaks Down In Tears When LeBron James Compliments Him

Bronny's Rival Breaks Down In Tears When LeBron James Compliments Him

There is no doubt that LeBron James draws a lot of attention whatever he does, wherever he goes. In the last hours, he has divided the internet once again, after he got spotted celebrating effusively one dunk made by his son, Bronny James at an AAU tournament.

This has earned him a lot of criticism from plenty of people who think LeBron is stealing the spotlight from his son and he always makes things about it, while others say we should be celebrating he’s there for his son, supporting everything he does in his life.

Moreover, he took that excitement about his son to another level. After the game was over, one man said that LeBron approached his son, who was playing against Bronny, to talk to him and praised the kid.

"[LeBron] came up to my son after the game," a man whose son plays against Bronny James told TMZ. "And said, 'I hope I'm still in the league when you're playing' and my son broke down crying.'"

You could say that he might be taking the attention away from his kid and his teammates, but the fact that he shows himself so humble, attending his son’s games, supporting the other kids and even encouraging rivals to keep playing, you have to admit that he’s not doing anything wrong. In fact, other parents should do the same, as we can read from one of Bronny’s teammates.