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Bryce James' Hilarious Reaction After Taking A Picture With Ronnie2K

Credit: Ballislife

Credit: Ballislife

LeBron James' second son, Bryce Maximus, has earned a reputation of being a fun guy. The kid has been spotted and recorded doing some funny stuff to his family and even strangers. Footage showing Bryce and his brother Bronny has surfaced and the reactions have been terrific. The 13-year-old is taking a picture with his brother and the controversial Ronnie2K.

Everything was fine, the picture looked good, apparently, but Bryce had a hilarious reaction after taking the pic. It's unclear if Ronnie told him something before taking the pic, but Bryce didn't look comfortable after the photo was taken.

Perhaps he was showing his discomfort with the recent editions of NBA 2K or something about Ronnie didn't look right for him. NBA fans reacted to this video, trying to explain what was going on in Bryce's mind when he took that picture with Ronnie2K.

Right now Bryce is in Los Angeles with his brother Bronny and his sister Zhuri. LeBron James recently explained they weren't in the bubble because there was nothing for them in Orlando. Instead, his wife Savannah made it to the bubble while his kids decided to stay in California.