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Carmelo Anthony Can't Stay Quiet After One Instagram Post Calls Him Out


Granted, Carmelo Anthony is not the best player in the NBA (not even the best player on his team), but there are still things he can do better than most other NBA pros. Known throughout his storied career as one of the best offensive players ever, it seems far-fetched to compare his tenure to, let's say, Kyle Korver.

In one daring Instagram Post, however, that's exactly what one critic did, and Melo just couldn't let it go.

To say that Kyle Korver's season with the Cavs was better than Melo's with OKC seems a bit outrageous, even if Anthony didn't have the best year. He's still a proven veteran called on to do so much more than Korver is. Then again, look how far Kyle has come... and look how well he's playing on this big stage.

Who's side are you on?