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Carmelo Anthony Gets Heated With Hater Online


Carmelo Anthony had arguably his worst season in the NBA since he entered the league with averages at an all-time low. Fans of the NBA have had their say on Carmelo’s poor form for the entire offseason and Melo isn’t exactly pleased with the negative attention.

The 10 time All-Star has started to hit back at the haters online in any way he can. In an Instagram post that showed a video of Carmelo and others training on the court, trolls jumped online to attack the once great star.

Carmelo Anthony couldn’t help but to hit back at one particular hater online, being very blunt and harsh in reply to him.

Nobody is quite too sure why this comment from Jack Lui set Carmelo off over any other comments from haters online but it’s certain that Melo felt the urge to hit back on this occasion

The 2017-2018 season was Carmelo’s first and only season for the Oklahoma City Thunder as he prepares for a new beginning and a last attempt crack at a championship at the Houston Rockets.


Melo is still very confident in his abilities and the offensive side of his game and believes he should be a starter on Houston’s roster even though he will most likely be used coming off the bench with the Rockets having a very strong lineup.

Carmelo may be an all-time great in his prime but it looks as if he may be past that now and if he wants to talk the talk, then it’s time for Melo to walk the walk and prove his value to his new team.