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Carmelo Anthony Takes A Shot At His Haters For Opting Into His Contract


In only one short season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Carmelo Anthony has turned all of his supporters in OKC from when he was traded to the team during last offseason against him.

It's no secret that Melo's first season with the Thunder was less than spectacular, as Anthony had one of the worst seasons of his career alongside Russell Westbrook and Paul George, posting a career-low in PPG average with 16.2 a game on a woeful 40.4% from the field, another career-low.

Carmelo didn't help his image throughout the season either, going on the record multiple times to knock back suggestions he should come off the bench instead of starting, even though starting for Oklahoma City obviously wasn't helping anyone.

It'd be a surprise if there were many Carmelo supporters left in OKC after this week however, as Anthony -- like many predicted -- opted into the final year of his $27 million contract with the Thunder, the general consensus being Melo is grossly overpaid for the production he is providing on the court.

Obviously, Melo faced some harsh backlash for opting in over social media, but it seems the 10-time All-Star is taking it all in his stride, posting a response to his haters on Instagram while in Germany.

Oh You Mad, Huh? “Take A Step Back, Evaluate, What Is Important, And Enjoy Life”

When you're earning almost $30 million a year, in what's likely to be the last big contract of your career, I wouldn't blame you for trolling your haters on social media either.