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Carmelo Anthony's Arrival In Houston Mocked By Fake Texts From Chris Paul


Carmelo Anthony looks to be headed into the twilight of his career as he joins the Houston Rockets for the 2018-19 NBA season.

It’s fair to say that most basketball fans don’t have too much faith in the All-Star veteran after his latest season in Oklahoma City, and many have questioned his ability to defend. Now @phonytexts on Instagram have taken a shot at Carmelo in a made-up video of Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony speaking about things like defense and shooting.

The video ended with CP3 messaging James Harden and saying “Houston, we have a problem".

Carmelo Anthony left the Thunder this offseason for the Rockets, only being there for just the one year in Oklahoma after seven seasons with the Knicks. It was a career-low in the scoring department for Melo, averaging just 16.6 points per game along with just 1.3 assists per game.

Now at the age of 34, this is Carmelo Anthony’s last real chance to win a championship before the end of his career. The championship window is still well and truly open for Houston after losing in the Western Conference Finals by just one game last season. If the Rockets can get past the super team which is the Golden State Warriors, then Carmelo may finish his career with a fairy-tale ending.