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Chandler Parsons Is Dating Devin Booker's Girlfriend's Twin Sister

parsons twin

Chandler Parsons and Devin Booker don’t play in the same team, but these two had similar goals in recent days. It was previously reported that Devin Booker had a new girlfriend, Hannah Harrison, and now another NBA player has apparently found love.

That is Parsons, who is curiously dating Hannah Harrison’s twin sister, Haylee Harrison.

Parsons is well known for his charisma with women, and this is another proof of that. Right now he’s part of the Atlanta Hawks, where people are wondering if he’ll get a lot of action time this season. However, things look different off the court for Parsons, who looks like he’s having his best life with Harrison.

It’s not like Booker and Parsons are in the same squad, but it’s good to see they're keeping it in the family.