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Charlamagne Asks Serge Ibaka An Awkward Question About The Viral Picture Of His Pants: "Was That All You?"

(via How Hungry Are You?)

(via How Hungry Are You?)

If you're looking for some quality entertainment, you need to look no further than Serge Ibaka's cooking show "How Hungry Are You?" Featuring the energetic Raptors big man with different guests each time, each viewing experience provides a different adventure.

But perhaps one of the best moments of the show came in a November 2019 episode between him and culture icon Charlamagne.

In an awkward but hilarious moment, Ibaka was asked about a viral picture of him in sweatpants -- which seems to feature a pretty significant "bulge."


For the record, Ibaka said it was 100% him before making fun of his guest for even asking the ridiculous question.

Funnily enough, Charlamange accepted his L and admitted in an Instagram post he was just doing it for the ladies.

So, that's the story of the Ibaka sweatpants investigation you probably didn't ask for -- and we know who to thank for that.

Today, an NBA Champion, Ibaka is still doing his thing and his show remains one of the best out there. We can expect many more awesome segments from him in the months and years to come.