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Charles Barkley Built His "Dream Team" With $15


You know the classic "build your dream team with __ amount of money" thing right?

NBA on TNT personality Charles Barkley recently went on Bleacher Report, where he did that very thing with $15 and a board of exceptional talents. Some picks may surprise you, others may not, but it's hard to argue that his team is pretty good.


His first pick was LeBron. And although he was priced at an expensive $5, Barkley handed over the cash pretty easily. Next was Kevin Durant who, again, was picked fairly easily by Barkley, who even said he should've been priced higher. The last picks were Westbrook, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Jayson Tatum, who adds a nice mix of youth, athleticism, and finesse to the roster.

Interestingly enough, Chuck passed on Kawhi, noting that he wanted to see where his head was at this season (that is, whether its there in Toronto, or just trying to get through the year to play in L.A.).

Whatever the reasons though, the list looks pretty solid... especially for $15.

Did he get it completely right though? Was that the best team he could've built? Should he have picked LaMarcus over Wall or Thompson? It's probably too late to change his mind now, but nothing is stopping you from assembling a roster of your own.