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Charles Barkley Has Threatened To Hurt Anyone Who Compares LeBron To Jordan


Even though we've been hearing it all season long, former MVP and TNT analyst Charles Barkley has grown sick and tired of the LeBron James and Michael Jordan comparisons.

And don't you dare go trying to debate which player is better in front of Sir Charles, unless you want your head caved in by the 11-time All-Star.

After the Golden State Warriors swept LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers en route to their third title in four years, and second straight, Charles Barkley appeared on NBA TV and had a stern warning for any LeBron fans still insisting on putting James ahead of Jordan in the GOAT argument.

Barkley must be royally pissed off at this point if he's willing to go to jail just so he doesn't have to hear the comparisons any longer.

Many pundits were saying before the series that if LeBron somehow defeated these Warriors in the Finals this year, with the supporting cast around him and the talent he'd be going up against, there's no way you couldn't call him the GOAT.

Unfortunately for LeBron, Golden State swept him in four straight games, and virtually destroyed James' chances of ever catching Jordan once and for all.