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Charles Barkley Makes A Plea To LeBron James

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For the first time in 13 years, LeBron James has some free time in April.

13 consecutive postseasons saw the king make his run through the NBA, including 8 straight trips to the NBA Finals. When he ultimately made the big move to Los Angeles, many were wondering how that streak would hold up.

82 games later, that streak and LeBron's reign has come to an end. So what should LeBron do with all of his free time?

Charles Barkley wants him to come on set and made that request public while on air Sunday evening.

NBA players appearing on Inside the NBA is not anything new. Barkley, Shaq, and Kenny are all former players, and they routinely welcome current players as guests to co-host the show during the playoffs.

For LeBron, however, he has never made an appearance quite like this before because he, obviously, has always been playing. And if he were to sit down with the TNT crew, he would undoubtedly be grilled with all kinds of questions about the state of the Lakers and his apparent failing health. LeBron is probably not keen on answering those questions because not even he knows the answers to them yet.

As he and the Lakers prepare for an important summer, everything hinges on the moves they make these next couple of weeks.

With no President, and now no coach, LeBron will likely be spearheading the search for their replacements. So, maybe he doesn't have that much free time after-all...