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Charles Barkley Tells The Story Of The Time Michael Jordan Refused To Let Him Help A Homeless Man

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Michael Jordan has the reputation of being, arguably, the greatest basketball player ever. His reputation as a human being is, unfortunately, less honorable.

There have been tales of MJ supposed "unethical" behavior. And while none of these claims have any real juice to them, fans and haters are bringing back an old one to point at what they believe is Jordan's jerk-ish conduct.

In a story told by former NBA superstar Charles Barkley, Michael once refused to let him give a homeless man money, stating that "If he can say ‘do you have any spare change?' he can say 'Welcome to McDonald's can I help you?’

The crowd laughed and it is a rather light-hearted moment. Certainly, Jordan is not the only one to hold to this philosophy. Nonetheless, it is being used as fuel to hate on Michael Jordan and his character.

No matter how you feel about this particular story, none of us really know Michael Jordan well enough to judge his morality -- certainly not by one instance where he denied change to the homeless.