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Chris Bosh Makes An All Too Familiar Cameo During Justice Winslow's Postgame Interview


So, you know that thing where NBA players photo bomb post-game interviews of their teammates?

Chris Bosh invented that, and it has caught fire ever since. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and others have taken to doing that type of thing. But tonight, we all got a little blast from the past, when former Heat player Chris Bosh (who nobody has seen for quite some time) made an appearance on camera in the most Bosh way possible.

After suffering from blood clots in 2015, he ended up having to step away from the game after the 2016 season. Nobody knows if we'll ever see him on the court again. So, with that being said, it was refreshing to see the former All-Star back to his old antics, even if it was just for this one time.