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Chris Paul Roasted By NBA Stars On Instagram After 'Body Issue' Photos

Credit: NBA On Top

Credit: NBA On Top

Chris Paul is one of the most popular players in the NBA right now. Ever since he made it to the league, his popularity has increased, making CP3 one of the most famous faces in the league, racking up a lot of friends throughout his career.

Paul, just like the rest of us, is not exempt from having friends trying to troll him for anything he does. This was on full display when basically the entire NBA met in CP3's comments to roast him over his latest Instagram post.

The new Oklahoma City Thunder point guard took to Instagram to post photos from his shoot for ESPN Magazine's annual "Body Issue." In the caption, Paul tried to show his mental growth on and how confident he is in his body. Nevertheless, some of his friends, as they tend to do, decided to blow right past his motivational caption and poked fun at CP3 merciless.

Credit: Ballislife

Credit: Ballislife

While some people like Paul Pierce and P.J. Tucker posted a series of emojis that didn't need any explanation, others, like Chauncey Billups, went a little further.

"I'm glad you feeling good youngsta, but put some damn clothes on," Billups commented.

Carmelo Anthony said:

"Yo Chill AHK!!!"

It looks like De’Andre Jordan saw the picture at the wrong time, commenting:

“How I’m supposed to eat my jello after seeing this..”

If that wasn’t enough, Zaire Wade and Bronny James hopped in Paul's comments to joke on their play-uncle. Bronny left a series of "(A)yeeeeee yooooo" comments just so Paul knew he was going crazy. As for Zaire, he left a calm "Chill cp."

Even some of Paul's friends outside of basketball felt a need to join in on the fun, including TDE CEO, Top Dawg, who urged CP3 to "Put some damn clothes on."

You can be as famous and wealthy as you want, but nobody is safe from having friends roasting you any time they have the chance. It happens to all of us, now it was the turn of CP3.