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Dejounte Murray's Messy Break Up: Accused Girlfriend As Gold Digger

Dejaounte Murray Gold Digger Girlfriend

While San Antonio’s Dejounte Murray sits on the sidelines with a torn ACL, the guard is still making headlines off the court due to his relationship issues.

Murray made headlines back in 2017 when he started dating an Instagram model by the name of Jilly Anais. The relationship has only lasted a little over a year as the two have come to a messy break up in recent weeks. Dejounte Murray took the first shot when he posted an Instagram story where he called out Jilly for being a gold digger.

Via Sports Gossip:

Credit: Sports Gossip

Credit: Sports Gossip

Jilly was clearly offended by the term which led the model to post several replies through Twitter and Instagram.

While his break up drama dies down, Dejounte Murray will remain on the sidelines for a fair chunk of the 2018/2019 season as he recovers from his ACL injury.