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DeMarcus Cousins Just Laughs When Fan Heckles Him About Ruining The NBA

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At first, we were blaming Kevin Durant for ruining the NBA.

He joined a 73 win team that had already won a Championship without him. Plus, it was the Warriors whom he blew his own 3-1 lead to with the Thunder, who had about as good a chance to beat them as anyone.

Now that KD is going into his third year with the Warriors (two Championship MVPs later), the anger towards him is kind of dying down. Besides, this might very well be his last season in Oakland anyway.

The anger this offseason shifted to DeMarcus Cousins, who inked a 1-year vet minimum deal with the Golden State Warriors. He claims it was due to the lack of offers he received, but there is skepticism about whether or not he really did have no other option.

Regardless of the reasons, Cousins is the subject of a flurry of hatred, all stemming from his choice to join the Dubs.

His response? Laughter.

Check out this clip of his reaction when a fan in the stands goes at DeMarcus for "ruining the league."

Laughing at the haters is, perhaps, one of the best ways to get back at them. And clearly, in this case, it involved some enjoyment at watching some fans make fools of themselves.