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Dennis Rodman Claims Madonna Offered Him $20 Million To Get Her Pregnant

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Dennis Rodman has revealed how his relationship with Popstar Madonna could have been a lot richer for him. Rodman claimed Madonna offered him $20 million for a baby.

He sat down on "The Breakfast Club" with Charlamagne tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee to discuss a variety of topics, including his mid-90's relationship with the Queen of Pop. That’s when he told the story of how Madonna was so keen to have a baby that she was willing to give him money to get her knocked up.

"She asked me that if I got her pregnant she'd pay me $20 million," Rodman said.

He even talked about one time he was in Las Vegas, when he got a call from the Popstar, telling him she was ovulating. After Rodman put a hold on the table, he hopped on a plane Madonna had sent for him and flew to New York. He went back to Vegas right after that.

"I tried," he said of his attempt to conceive with Madonna.

Moreover, he doesn't think he's the only one Madonna made the offer to, stating that her pregnancy and subsequent child with Miami trainer Carlos Leon could have been a similar arrangement.

We live in a crazy world and this kind of story only confirms that. Nobody can blame the singer here; if she had the money, she had the right to spend it the way she wanted. Sadly for the 5-time NBA champion, he couldn't get the job done.